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  • I have made the difficult decision not to continue vending at quilt shows. I love the energy and friendship of vending but it has become burdensome but for my self and husband. Also with the renewal time of my website I also made the decision not to continue the product shopping of my website.

    My husband has retired and he and I wish to enjoy our 'golden years' with travel and family. I will still be available to teach, lecture and contribute to making quilts for exhibits.

    I have over 30 years of quilting, teaching and sewing experience. I made my first quilt in 1978 using a How-to book. Well, I was hooked. While that quilt has long since departed this life, I continued to learn by studying from accomplished quilting instructors - such as Marianne Fons, Georgia Bonesteel, Ami Sims, Carol Doak, Pepper Cory, Dorene Speckman, Hollis Chatelain, Kit Robinson, - just to name a few.

    Coming from a home-sewing background, it is not surprising that I had a deep seated desired to create my own patterns. I have designed and made several raffle quilts which benefitted quilt guilds and other chartiable organizations. I continue to teach sewing and quilting to school groups and quilt shows as well as providing private lessons. I have been active in quilt groups around the world (Texas, Hawaii, Germany, Turkey) as I traveled with my husband. We now call Virginia home.

    I have also designed and made quilts for Northcott-Monarch Fabrics and Windham Fabrics to showcase new fabrics. I have been featured in 'Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks' magazine, Vol. 1,5, and 7 as well as Quiltmaker's 'Quilts From 100 Blocks', Vol. 1.

    I like to focus on the beginner student and my goal is to guide new quilters to stunning results. Many of my patterns are designed specifically to lead new quilters to express their creativity and improve their technique with confidence. However, while I still teach my patterns are no longer sold on the website but are available on request.

    I have exhibited my work with Mason Dixon Quilt Professionals Challenges (touring with the Mancuso shows), Shannon Shirley's 'Celebrate The Day' exhibit and Renelda Pelduans-Harter 'Sheep Behaving Baaaadly', which traveled with the Sew Expo in addition with the Mancuso shows. I have had quilt pieces accepted in exhibits at the Houston International Quilt Show twice.

    My latest endeavor is a book called 'The Fiona Block - Sassy to Classy' is now available for sale, look for it in quilt shops or on Amazon. A perfect book for the beginner and for donation organization quilts. You may use 'Contact Us' for further information.

    Susan of Rink Communications says, " I am LOVING this book."

    The Literate Quilter blog says, "...A pattern that could look funky or sophisticate, modern or traditional. So she invented a new block! Used with various settings, sashings, value contrast, and thoughtful layout, this block will suit everyone's style...I shared the book and my quilt with my weekly quilt group and it generated a lot of interest."

    Find me on Amazon!


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